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Crypto bot settings review

Crypto bot settings review from real buyer

Hi, when you google for crypto bot settings review for profit trailer, I really hope you find this page. Why? Because I want to warn you NOT to buy Crypto bot settings! It’s 100% scam. I’ll explain.

Buying settings is tempting…

Yes, I understand why you would like to buy profit trailer presets. When you first try to work with profit trailer, all the options can be overwhelming. And you just want to start as quick as possible, start earning money! Also, when you have a busy life, work, kids, everyday arronds etc etc, it’s tempting to just buy presets you think comes from professionals. And it’s only 50 bucks to buy them right? So not a too big deal, even if it’s a scam.

Well, keep those bucks in your pocket, because it is..

Crypto bot settings looks professional but it’s a scam

We bought a license for Binance Ethereum crypto bot settings. We received….nothing. We heard….nothing. Not on our email, not on their contact form, not on their social media. Nothing. Bye bye our ethereum. And we are not the only ones I guess.

Probably you came on their site through an Google Advertisement? Just like us. It seems really legit, a professional site, you see popups of people ‘ who bought a license just now’. It’s not true, it’s just to lure you in.

If they have money to use Google Ads, this just means that lots of people are mislead, buy and never receive their products.

Also only 5 star positive reviews on their site? And no external reviews to be found anywhere on the internet? Red flags everywhere. I hit myself for being so stupid. Don’t make the same mistake please.

Why won’t they just deliver?

This actually is a small mystery to me. They already have a good website and good marketing with their ads. Why not also add the last step, just deliver some good settings? Well, I guess they are just lazy thieves. Earning money the quick and dirty way.

I hope they get caught, in the meanwhile, don’t fall for their scam! I hope this article will hit 1st in google results, just to warn you!

My advice

As tempting as it seems, just don’t buy your profit trailer (or other trading bot) settings on internet. Do your own research and try to understand how the trading works and make your own settings. Also, there are lots of community members who share their settings for free, like cryptognome.

Besides this, always be sceptical about crypto related offers and protect your coins and funds. Never think, this won’t happen to me..

I wrote this article for you, so you hopefully now know it’s a 100% scam. It saves you money and frustration. If you appreciate this article and if you want to support me a little I would really appreciate this. Here’s my ETH address:


Thanks and the best to you,



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